The 2 Most Important Parts to Going Deep in Meditation

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"The two most important
parts of meditation
are attention and allowing.

Because if you just practice allowing,
most likely you will escape this moment
by being identified
with your thoughts & emotions.

You will be lost in the dream
of one thought after another
and you will remain
unconscious to this moment.

But if you just practice attention
it will easily turn into
trying to control this moment,
trying to force yourself
or this moment
to be a certain way.

But if you keep your attention
completely on your experience
in this moment
while allowing this moment
to be as it is,
you shift into a whole new reality.

you have your attention
on this moment
and every egoic instinct
will want to take you out
of being present.

But in the allowing,
you surrender the ego,
you surrender control
and suddenly
you see everything is happening.

Everything is moving by itself.
Everything is arising
out of one consciousness
out of stillness
all on its own.

There is the constant flow
of peace and bliss
that arises in you and as you
and as everything.

To even say it is like watching a movie
does not say it.

Because there is no you and the movie.

There is the light
that animates everything
and you exist as that;

in and as everything
yet at the same time
completely transcendent
of everything.



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I am afarid ! ! !

& How to come out ?

I am afarid ! ! !

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