2 Meditation Techniques for Self Realization

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"One path of meditation
is to firmly fix
your attention
in this moment.

To not let yourself
get caught up in thinking
but rather to directly
experience what is here
beyond thinking
and to remain in that.

Do not try to stop thinking
but rather keep your attention
fixed on what is here beyond thinking,
allowing the thoughts to go
as as they arise.

You could also simply
dip in and out of that.
To let your focus rest in what is here
beyond thinking
for as long as is comfortable
and then lose yourself
in thinking again.

To dip in and out of it
is very blissful,
but if you want to be
really intense about it
you can keep your attention
in this moment
without allowing yourself
to get caught up in thinking.

This method will be uncomfortable,
like trying to make a puppy be still
when it wants to run all over the place.

But with practice,
if you can remain in that,
then what first feels uncomfortable,
will begin to feel natural.

You will burn away all
of the tendencies that keep
pulling you out of this moment
until all that is left is this moment.

Another path would
be to awaken bliss
by focusing your attention
on an object of bliss/shakti.

Such as silently repeating a mantra
or the name of a Guru, Saint or God
or even repeating "I am"
and focusing on the feeling of being.

In doing this,
you awaken the Shakti,
you awaken the bliss
and then you simply meditate
on the bliss,
letting your mind
be focused on the repetition
of the name/mantra
and letting your attention
move deeper and deeper
into the bliss.

Both methods are valid.

If you practice
awakening the bliss,
then most likely at some point
it will lead you to the first path
of stillness.

And if you practice stillness,
at some point it may
turn into devotion.

What is most important
is that you give yourself fully
to practicing it,
allowing it to evolve on its own.

Eventually both methods
will be useless
and you will simply
fall into what is here.

The radiance of this moment
will become so strong
that there will only be that.



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To realization?

Really? I will follow these two techniques and realize the self?

But the eyes in the pic are not realized nor the one who decided to put this pic so how come the one promises is not the one promised?

zoya | Fri, 10/07/2011 - 12:43