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2 Books!

Recently 2 books have been published

Bird Song


Heart Songs

Sheer delight in having put them together....

Both the books are available in paperback as well as the kindle versions( kindle fire and kindle paper white)

They are available on Amazon.

The links are given below at the end of this post!


Have been writing and posting on Gurusfeet.Com for many a year now!

When the songs first began to flow...I pretty much knew nothing of computers...

About 7 odd years ago, my daughter found me this site...
So this is where I first began to sing...

And continue to do so....even though I have no clue if anyone sees the posts or reads them :-)

A few years ago I stared singing on Face Book as well ...it was also new to me and I'd opened an account so that the kids could share pictures of the grandkids with me...hahaha...then I started sharing and posting these songs there as well as in a few groups...

But I've never stopped singing on here....it has a special place in my heart !

Even as I know that words fall short by a mile...and that this cannot really be shared...yet the songs sing me
Attempts to convey...of what life is like after this shift in perception...as the brain sees through it's own charade

Even awakening is the dream

Some may or may not have a clue of this that I sing about...

But if there's resonance
A recognition...

It's the echo of your own song
Singing back to you

Some enjoy the poetry....
And that's beautiful too...

But that's just the way the songs have flowed...

When I started to put the books together a little over a couple of months ago...a selection from the last 6 odd years of writing...at first I kept shaking my head...and mumbling....you crazy old coot...what are you doing in your old age...lol

I had no idea what it entailed

I have to say though even as I realised it was a lot of work I've had so much fun doing it

Flowing breeze on the breath of a rose


And I wake up, to the silent strains, of an orchestra that played last night

Notes on a sheet
Every moment, deletes itself

Every chord, struck,
Flowing notes

Evaporate into the ethers as soon as they are born

And yet
Ah, yes
Songs get sung
And life gets lived

On what note, this song began
And on what note, will it die

Notes in between
Some tremulous
Some trill

Like dewdrops
On a string

And every dewdrop vanishes
Yet I hear, every note, sing

And the sun danced on the pages, as the wind blew them away

And some tangled themselves in my hair

Melting into the vapours

Romancing, the silence, within

~~Monica Dayakar


A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer,
It sings because it has a song
~ Lou Holtz


"And one fine day, life as I knew it, went for a six

A full toss Just like that.

No warning. Kaput!

Life as I had known it, went belly up.

I was shattered!

Tried everything my mind could think of, to get it back on track, but nothing worked.

No one to turn to and nowhere left to turn

Immense pain, terrible suffering.

And a primal scream rent the air

I do not know who or what you are

Yet here I am I want to know what’s happening, what this whole game is about.

I’m not even concerned about my problems, in fact I couldn’t care less.

I want to know the Truth

And please don’t palm me off with some band-aid BS answers

A seeker was birthed.

And at the peak of devotion

The mind splintered into a million shards
Every sliver reflected it
Expansive, seamless, space of heart
All of life danced to it
And suddenly, not of time, in one fell swoop, it all fell away.
Me, the other and love.
Without anyone doing or not doing a thing
It was love that ripped me apart
And love that brought me back
It was utterly excruciating as the fullness started to seep back in
The self goes on its merry way
Even when seen as a mental construct
And even as I wept
There was an utter ease
Well I'll be
And here I am
And you
The only place we exist
And love and beauty
Beyond which, there's not even nothing
And here I am
We are
Empty of even emptiness
Dancing holograms
The light of this world
The love and beauty
Iridescent, shimmering, centre-less jewels
Shimmering in the sun

An un-owned raiment Laying on the rock

The war was over

And right there, in the midst of the battlefield
As she bent to pick a dandelion, at her feet
And found them all around her
Blowing in the wind

Even awakening is the dream

This shift in perception of which I sing, is utterly uncaused.

Called by many names, Enlightenment, Self-Realisation, Nirvana, Moksha...

All happens spontaneously... an organic movement.

The show plays itself.
It was simply life, lifing
As it always had.

Echoes of your own love, your own emptiness and the fullness of it, overflowing

Heart Songs

Your own heart songs reverberating

Songs of awakening to the dream

Songs of love and life

And the nothingness of it all

Come dance with me"


"Echoes of your own love
Your own emptiness
And the fullness of it

Bird Song

Your own heart songs reverberating

And here we are
You and me

Songs of awakening to the dream

Songs of love and life

The everything
And nothingness of it all

Where there are no separate things

The mind drops of its own accord

And underneath it...there's not even nothing there

Mental fabrications dancing in the wind

The only place where you and I and love exist

Songs of enlightenment and awakening
And love, beauty and life

The pain of evisceration
And the personal Armageddon
The seeking for personal relevance
Of all the ideas on has held of oneself

And the return of the fullness once cracked open

The fierce grace
The shift in perception
As me
The other
And love

Yes...even love falls away

And the sublime bitter sweet aloneness


The peace that passeth understanding

When even the one who would understand
Falls away

And the sheer wonderment of this..."


Here are the links to both the books:





Thank you all for being here


Monica Dayakar

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beautiful you Monica! I love your songbooks <3

Nancy Neithercut | Sat, 10/06/2018 - 14:42
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Beautiful you Nancy

Beautiful you
So utterly delightful to hear our own heart songs echoed back...
I have never not resonated with your songs
And love singing this duet of one with you

Monica Dayakar

MAI | Sun, 10/07/2018 - 00:04
Nancy Neithercut's picture

Nancy Neithercut | Mon, 10/08/2018 - 13:32