1ST Level of spiritual preaching

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1ST Level of spiritual preaching; Shankara attracted even demons into spirituality

Shankara stated that the awareness is Brahman irrespective of its association with intelligence and good or bad qualities. This means that birds and animals without intelligence and even cruel wild beings are introduced into the spiritual field since Brahman or God exists in all the living beings. There is no use of such spiritual knowledge for animals. But Shankara included all the living beings in the spiritual field because in human beings also there are some without intelligence and demons with cruel qualities. Lord Shiva is worshipped by demons also and is said to be the Lord of animals (Pashupati). Even angels with intelligence and good qualities worship Lord Shiva. Therefore, Shankara embraced all the human beings irrespective of intelligence and qualities for spiritual uplift.

It is like a program for a school opened in city and tribal area. The students are attracted for admission into the school without any admission tests and mere attendance is sufficient for the promotion to the higher class. The scheme of midday meals also is for attracting the students. Any child is admitted into the school. All human beings including bad demons and ignorant are admitted with attraction of advaita scheme, which says that you are already God if you have the basic lump of awareness. Such liberal attraction is essential to that level. The level of the student is called as adhikari. The part of knowledge that suits to his level is called as vishaya. Any number of assumptions and modification can be done in that part of the knowledge so as to suit to the basic psychology of the student, which cannot be changed all of a sudden. Such suitability of the part of the knowledge is called as sambandha. The final modified form of the suitable part of knowledge alone can be the subject (vishaya) since such subject alone can be useful to uplift him to the next higher step. Such use in practical aspect of progress of the student is called as prayojanam. These four parameters (adhikari, vishaya, sambandha, and prayojanam) are called as anubandha chatushtayam, which are the guidelines of a preacher either in the worldly subject or in the spiritual subject.

All the modifications and assumptions introduced into the subject by the preacher form the part of the curriculum of the subject of that level and as the student moves to the higher class, the student who is promoted to the higher class drops out such modifications and assumptions. But all these assumptions and modifications remain in the curriculum for the sake of the future students admitted into that class. Hence, once should not worry that the modified knowledge to a particular level is destroyed when an individual goes up to the higher class. The advaita of Shankara will remain forever in the level of the school for all the batches of students that are admitted every year. Thus the level of the philosophy is always eternal and cannot be discarded by anybody. Only he has left that level to reach the higher level. Therefore, if one goes to the college level, the school syllabus is neither condemned nor destroyed. Therefore, no school of philosophy can be condemned by anybody to satisfy the ignorant level of the school students in which the ego and jealousy are in climax as in the case of demons, since the concept of the soul being already God suits to such psychology and stands as an attraction like the scheme of mid day meals.

In this level the truth is completely masked on one side but the same truth with the other side appears at the climax level of the other extreme end. The highest level of angle of God is used in the lowest level as an attraction. Qualitatively the same concept appears at the lowest as well as the highest levels. The concept is that a human being is God. This concept remains the same qualitatively even at the highest level except that it is concentrated quantitatively at the highest level. This means that in the lowest level every human being is God and at the highest level a specific human being like Krishna is God. Thus the qualitative aspect is like the single coin and the quantitative aspects are like the two sides of the same coin. Therefore, Shankara stands qualitatively in the same concept in the lowest level as well as in the highest level. This is the miraculous talent of the divine genius like Shankara who is the incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is the source of the divine knowledge and represents the climax of Sattvam (sattvat samjayate jnanam….., Jnanam Maheshwarat….) as Lord Dakshinamurthy preaching divine knowledge to the sages and He is worshipped by the angels. He is in the climax of rajas while destroying the world as Rudra. He is in the climax of Tamas with all the habits of anti tradition like staying in the burial ground, liking demons etc., Therefore, He covered all the human beings irrespective of knowledge and intelligence and good and bad qualities. He covered all the atheists to convert them in to theists for which lot of attractive schemes were announced by Him. The promotion rule was also very liberal like simple attendance to the class, which is that you are already God and there is no effort to become God.