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Yoga and any spiritual tradition demand you to become self oriented not other oriented. The other oriented means when you know, claim that anything and everything outside is responsible for your grief, afflictions and suffering. You become angry- and say that you are responsible for my anger; you go to office and claim that your boss makes you stressed. You are other oriented.

As long as you claim, feel, experience that world outside – people, events, conditions, circumstances are responsible for your peace, harmony or stress, anger and anxiety- you cannot enter into the path of yoga and spirituality.

A text says “swa Samaved Laxnam” meaning “my own self makes me aware” of if I am at peace or at anger and none else.

And to be self oriented means you withdraw your scattered mind inside, you become aware of an existence beyond thinking, you are aware of a center within beyond body, life and mind. This awareness helps one to transcend and know that there is an existence beyond time, space and causation. But we cannot enter into that existence as long as we are other oriented. And as long as we are other oriented, we cannot become self oriented. Secondly, we have not seen, experienced; know the center within, then how we can enter into it.

There are many ways to become self oriented

· You can use your emotions

· You can use your thinking

· You can use your works or action

· You can separate yourself from all works of thought, emotions and body

· You can push your mind to drop time, space and causation to transcend them by mantra, prayer, worship etc

But in all the above, we need to become aware, then self oriented followed by conscious experience of a center within. I call it a center of peace

To be continued ………………………….