'Ramakant Maharaj' - The World's First Ever App From A Living Self-Realized Master

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'Ramakant Maharaj', the world's first ever App from a living Self-Realized Master is now available for download. This new App is not a Mindfulness or Meditation App, nor is it a new mind-body-based approach to self-awareness, or any method for finding calm and peace. 'Ramakant Maharaj' does not offer a way or path, but Direct Knowledge that awakens the seeker to Thoughtless Reality.

Features include 'Thoughtless Thought Today' and 'Spontaneous SoundBytes' from the Master, as well as videos and songs. In a busy world, these golden nuggets turn one's attention back to Source.

This App which is infused with the power of the Master reminds seekers of their true identity. There are also tasters from 'Selfless Self: Talks with Shri Ramakant Maharaj', (ed. Ann Shaw) - the life-changing book of Spontaneous Direct Knowledge - offered in both text and audio format.

“This is not an intellectual approach, not a logical approach, not an egoistic approach, as all these things came after your presence”, says the Master. These teachings have nothing to do with the mind, intellect or ego. They are beyond words. They are prior to everything, prior to all body-related concepts, including 'mindfulness' and 'meditation'.

'Ramakant Maharaj' is your very own portable Guru. These direct hammerings of truth act as spiritual tablets, an antidote to illusion, that bring the seeker back home when he gets caught up in the world.

The Android App can be found here:

iPhone App to follow shortly.