'Nostradamus Prophecy is becoming true'

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A devotee asked the following question to His Holiness Sri Datta Swami

How can we always remain humble and devoted to You plus ensuring not to forget you while performing our routine activity?
The word ‘You’ is very important in this question which indicates God. The real nature of God is unimaginable and therefore to remember the real form of God is impossible. You can remember God only when the God enters a medium. The formless nature of God is only the space-medium which is charged by God. Thus the formless aspect is also imaginable but creates lot of difficulty in thinking about God as said in the Gita (Avyaktahi Gatirduhkham). Even the awareness which is charged by God called as Brahman is also formless medium and is very difficult even to imagine. Therefore a medium which has form charged by God is convenient to remember like a natural object as Sun etc. or like a photo, a statue etc. The space is all pervading but inert and cannot speak to you. The awareness is in limited bits as experienced in the living beings and is not all pervading. Thus the all pervading awareness is only an imaginary story. The statue or a photo is good for vision but not good for conversation to clear your doubts. You can keep the statue in your house and feel that God is living with you as a family member. But all these forms cannot speak, preach and clarify your doubts like Krishna. But Krishna lived in long back generation.

The Gita preached by Him is interpreted in several ways and the followers of these lines of interpretations are constantly quarreling with each other. Thus the real clarification is lost. Moreover that past generation was blessed by Krishna and due to this God becomes partial. The direct experience through direct dialogues is a real fortune. God is impartial and is coming down in human form in every generation. The entire public in the world need not have the chance of meeting the Lord in any generation. Only the ripened souls raised to the high level can have this chance because they really require it. In the university the UG classes and PG classes are running. The highest PhD program is also present. A professor, some readers and many lecturers exist in the teaching faculty. The professor is not required to go to any UG class. For a few hours, he goes to the PG class and spends most of the time with research scholars. There are many UG sections. There is one PG section. There are half a dozen research students. The professor is available to all the students but is really required only for a few students. All the students are in his contact because the Professor addresses occasionally all the UG sections also. The lecturers are fully required to the UG sections. The Readers are more required for the PG sections and less required by the research scholars.

The Professor is mostly required by the research students. Similarly God in human form is in contact with all the souls in the generation. But He is utilized by a few only due to more requirement to that level. Depending on the requirement of language and area and the communication facilities, there may be more human incarnations of God in one generation like a few Professors require. But if the communication facilities have improved and if a single language like English can be understood by all countries, there is no need of a second Professor. I feel in the present human generation in view of the developed communication skills and the uniform language, one human incarnation of God is sufficient at the highest level. He is always accompanied by the angels who are at various levels like Readers and lecturers.

He always descends down along with the faculty of the department in every generation because the levels of the students cannot disappear even if the communication skills and universal language exist. Moreover the analytical capacity of the public is improved a lot due to fantastic development of science. The science of today is nothing but the Tarka Shastra of ancient time. Therefore the knowledge that is going to be revealed by the God in the single human form in the present generation is going to be tremendous reflecting all the scriptures and science from all the angles like a Tsunami covering from all sides. On the basis of the analysis of these present facts, I am expecting the existence of such human incarnation in this world in our generation. I am searching for such divine human incarnation (Satguru) whose knowledge will wash out all the misinterpretations of the scriptures of all the religions and kick out the exploitations resulting in the formation of the most ideal spiritual world as predicted by Nostradamus who is famous astrologer of the world.

I am referring to him because you like the astrology very much. I heard from Ajay that you are in good touch with Nadi Astrologers. Please find out from the Nadi Astrologer regarding such human incarnation so that I can also join all of you to serve Him as junior most servant. Therefore the concept of human incarnation is the best and the constant interaction with Him is the best way of remembering Lord. The routine duties are natural and will go on without any effort when you have attained seniority in the profession. Thus a senior man need not concentrate much on the routine duties which will go in a normal way even without effort due to long experience. The Gita says that when such talent in profession by long experience is achieved, it is the time to meet the Lord (Yogah karmasu kaushalam).