Is 'attachment' obstacle on the way of liberation (Moksha)?

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As a matter of fact, spirituality is not an easy subject for every person to become master of. A common person thinks that performing regular worship of God is the spirituality but it is a vast subject. Spirituality contains so many aspects of the life, which if followed throughout the life carefully, leads to ‘Moksha’ (Liberation). To achieve mastery in spirituality, one needs to overcome most dreaded enemies of a human i.e. ‘Kam’ (Lust), ‘Krodh’ (Anger), ‘Lobh’ (Greed), ‘Moh’ (Delusion) ‘Mad’ (Ecstasy) and ‘Matsar’ (Hate), as rightly been brought out by Dr Swami Hardas in his most precious book ‘Swayamsiddha Upay Yojana’.

Out of these six enemies, there is one i.e. ‘attachment’, which is closely related to ‘Moh’. An attachment means to surrender all emotional relationships and materialism, which proves to be a roadblock to attaining the ultimate goal of liberation. Hence one needs to learn to surrender all materialistic attachments. The majority of people cannot detach from family, which is understood. When a family member dies, one ends up grief stricken, deeply hurt from the loss, which undoubtedly cause misery from this loss of attachment. However, a truly wise person does not grieve for the living or the dead. The person seeking the ultimate goal will be granted with the wisdom to detach emotionally from family. Love will have compassion for others and share in their grief, although at the same time not having any attachment towards the grieved, dead person and death itself. The person rooted in wisdom knows that the person (soul / spirit) cannot die.

As a matter of fact, detachment should also not be misunderstood. It does not mean that one should forget the duties and responsibilities towards the family. But one needs to get detached with these materialistic relations for attaining to ultimate goal of the precious life to avoid sorrows, obstacles, miseries and various other problems arising out of ‘attachment’. Therefore one needs to be aloof from ‘Moh’ or the ‘attachment’.

The simple way of achieving ultimate goal by detaching ourselves is to be constantly in touch with the supreme power i.e. Parmatma - God with the help of ‘Nam Jap’, which will help not miss the golden opportunity bestowed on every one by the Parmatma throughout the life and in specific at the time of death. Yes, the opportunity is bestowed by Parmatma even at the time of death to get freed from the cycle of birth and rebirth, if He is at least remembered at that crucial moment. If, one is attached to someone or any materialistic things, that person remembers only the attached person at that crucial time and forgets to remember Parmatma, which results in again going through the same cycle of birth and rebirth and suffer throughout the life. Hence, it is quite necessary to be in constant touch with Parmatma by detaching self from the relatives or materialistic things.

Falling victim to ‘attachment’ is as good as ‘detaching’ from the supreme power - Parmatma who has created everyone and everything in the world but it is also like doing unjust to us and missing golden opportunity of attaining to liberation.

This is the reason, Dr Swami Hardas has introduced ‘Swami Hardas Life System’ through which, a person gets an opportunity to serve mankind selflessly, experiences ‘Ananda’ - ‘Aatmananda’ and also gives it to others, which invariably helps attain ‘Moksha’ without intentionally expecting it. Hence, the moment a person gets trained in the ‘Swami Hardas Life System’, he / she should continue imparting selfless services to the needy and there should not be even an iota of doubt that this will not help attain ‘Moksha’. Remember, this is only possible in human birth, which is a rare opportunity bestowed by the Parmatma.

Will you afford to miss this golden opportunity? If not, try to remain ‘attached’ to ‘Swami Hardas Life System’ and never get detached from ‘Siddha Swami Hardas’.

II Om Siddhay Namaha II

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Is life is an obstacle to liberation?

It's like asking if life is an obstacle on the way to liberation.

Liberation is liberation from attachments. Without attachments, there was no validity nor need to the concept of liberation, so that questions is pointless.

If a person develops an obsessive desire for liberation instead of realizing that he is already liberated then everything including attachments will be an obstacle.

seeker | Wed, 06/22/2011 - 06:29
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Life cannot be obstacle on the way of liberation!

As a matter of fact, life is golden opportunity for attaining to 'liberation', it is a life time opportunity, which cannot be missed. Attaining to liberation is only possible when one lives the most precious 'human life'. How life can be obstacle?

It would be fooling ourselves if we only develop desire for liberation. It would be prudent to try for attaining to liberation as 'attachment' would be major obstacle on the way of attaining to liberation.

(N G Khirolkar)

ngkhirolkar | Wed, 06/22/2011 - 09:39