Victor Hamsa

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Victor Varga
Non-Duality, Kriya Yoga
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Born in 1968, at the age of five he claims he spontaneously started mediating by staring at a spot and not stopping to build up his will power which seemed like a game to him. He also says that he taught himself various yoga poses without instruction or a guru.

At age six he says a shadow person with red eyes tried to take over him with possession. He says he was able to vanquish the demon by his will power and with God's grace.

In 4th grade public school his teacher Mr. McDonald had a great impact on his life. During class one day for his students he turned off the lights lit some incense and taught transcendental meditation and 3 other ways to meditate to the students. The class on meditation went for a few hours and Victor did not forget them. Mr. McDonald said that doing meditation was very good for you spirituality. Later on Victor kept on doing various meditations and making up some new ones for fun when he had to wait for something like waiting in lunch line or down time. It all just seemed like a normal thing to do and reminded him of the game of staring at a spot which he used to do when he was very young.

At age 8 he saw a UFO outside where he lived which followed him while he was being driven to school which his mother saw as well.

At age 17 he started researching various religions feeling a calling. At age 22 he started meditating up to 4 hours daily and spent countless hours reading about enlightenment and new age subjects from various masters of the past and present. He studied the sutras and the Bible and various major and minor Holy texts trying to piece everything together as a new whole. At this point he learned Kriya Yoga by channeled instruction "listening to his guides" and mastered the process of kundalini awakening on his own.

By chance encounter at a music concert he met a member of a Native American tribe he walked up to the person and said out of the blue "you are a part of a group that I am supposed to join" he later was made a member of the tribe after they saw his pure intentions. They were located up in the mountains of Pennsylvania. He spent weekends up in the mountains for 3 years and was taught shamanism, learning how to run a sweat lodge and understanding the Native American Red Road.

He has worked in a major New York hospital for over 3 years working as a mental health worker healing others with mental health issues he ran his own out patient discharge group and is trained in psychotherapy he learned neuropsychology and various modalities.

He started his own business a "new age" store at one point in a large city which sold crystals and books on new age subjects and different religions and which he taught and had teachers come in with classes for the community on various topics like meditation and taught Reiki to his students.

He has been a Reiki Master for over 20 years and an Ordained Minister of Melchidezk for laying on of hands.

He is a Eucharist Minister with the Catholic religion and has taught Sunday school with children.

He has healed thousands of people by laying on of hands and by distance healing with countless letters of referral.

Nowadays he is providing distance healing for free and teaching enlightenment in groups. He has many followers around the world who consult with him seeking spiritual guidance.

He claims that God has given him the ability to prove what he says is the truth to anyone who would care to listen.

He is interested in helping and healing others so they can reach their full potential.


"Knowledge to pick a side"
"Wisdom to know your side"
"Enlightenment to know no sides"

Enlightenment dies in the minds of the masses.
They're blind from watching television, it harasses.
The sanity away from their souls it slips.
Like flotsam on a full running stream with small toy ships.
That bob in time with false music discordant.
Tongues tracing the mimic pantomime insurgent.
I watch in horror dismay upon tragic.
As loved ones fall victim to sea of false dreams pandemic.


Stress is the feeling of being pulled by past and future events. When you realize the past is gone and that the future has not yet become then you realize that in the present moment there is no stress.


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Mariandale Retreat and Conference Center
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Jan 8th 2017 1pm-3pm Satsang with Victor Hamsa please come.

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01/08/17 1pm-3pm

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