Do not Fear the Darkness

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Do Not Fear The Darkness

saravana bava

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The mantra SA RA VA NA BA VA which has the vowels Aaa sound in mantra which represents the right eye of Human body.

It not get end in chanting the mantra.

Correct path to realise supreme lord

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Correct Path to see and realize the Supreme Lord:

In today’s world there are many people who teach different ways in spirituality and many people follow them.

Thiruvadi upadesam

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Tiruvadi Deekshai (Baptizing with Fire)


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Kat chevi = kan + chevi

kan - eyes
chevi - ears

While we meditating in eyes we can hear 10 different types of sound.

This is the meditation experience.

Om nama shivaya

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ॐ नमः शिवाय


Na- lower abdomen
Ma- stomach

shi - chest
va- throat
ya - centroid of head

Eyes are the thuvara balaga of the temple.

Head is the prime of eight span of the body

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எண் சான் உடம்புக்கு சிரசே பிரதானம்

In 8 span of body head is the prime.

In head the eyes are the windows to the soul


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In this chapter we shall see what is meant by MeiPorul (True Wealth or True Thing).
“Whatever a thing is and whatever is its state, wisdom is to see the True thing in it”

Magic vs. Magick

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Magic = the entertainment known for pulling rabbits out of hats.

How to do Penance?

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How to do Penance?
How to do Meditation or Penance?