"Other Worldly"

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You know it's not uncommon to get the feeling that somehow the "other worldly"...i.e. the "spiritual" in common parlance holds the answers to all ones "worldly" questions and problems


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Julie has been working on repairing and replacing half our roof since the first of September.

A Flower In The Burning Flame

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She was kind and considerate... tuned into the greater good

And the songs sung lilting tunes
Singing themselves

They flow as they flow
Melting away
Slip-sliding into the ethers

A Sage

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Most think it's like being a woo-woo kind of thing...and get a warped impression of what a sage is

Projections !

Even in the stories of this and that

When Have I Not Loved Her

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When have I not known her
She is love itself

And love looked into its own eyes
And the I's disappeared....
Slip sliding away
Into its own embrace

Forgiving and Forgetting

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Forgiving and Forgetting

Questioner: Is that part of life, people being tested all the time to see if they can forgive and forget?

Satsang with Maitreya.

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I want to talk about something.

Something that has no beginning or end.

Something that has no past or future.

Something that has no first cause or consequences.

How can one be happy in life even when they didn’t get what they want?

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Even if you get what you want, you won’t be happy.

Emptiness Overflowing

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Hurtling through space


The pit in the stomach
The sense of impending doom

Of being smashed to smithereens on impact with ground zero

Fear of not being

Satan - Part 3

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Satan – Part 3