Freedom from Contraction is Freedom from Separation

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“In meditation,
become aware of the two experiences
of contraction and non-contraction.

When you are trying to control this moment
or when you are involved in thinking,

Protecting Yourself from Evil

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Protecting Yourself from Evil

Doorway to The Infinite

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"This very moment is limitless.
It is a doorway to the infinite.

But in order to go through the doorway,
you must relinquish all ideas, all concepts.

This Last Dance With You....

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It was the cross I hung on long past death.....

The most intricate dance....


I cried rivers when I realised the self....

Even after being seen though...

The Breath Of A Rose

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What fantastical dreams.....

As we get spun into gossamer webs of love's wings....

Like a whisper of a wind....

Wind dancing on a breath.....

Impossible to hold.....

Little Toontoos....

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Spotted 6 or 7 newly hatched teeny weenie ducklings on the lake the other day...
Ever so often the little babies appear on the waters....

Ice Age of the Heart - Part 3

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Ice Age of the Heart - Part 3

Can you be spiritually enlightened and in a romantic relationship?

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What are your opinions on spiritual enlightenment and romantic relationships?

Is nonduality all about getting rid of this separate wave?

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Not at all. Nonduality is about seeing through our identification with this separate wave we call “me.” Even after awakening, the separate wave will still exist as a thing.

Taking Refuge in Consciousness - The Place You Love the Most

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"You should strive to be happy.
Make yourself a happy life as best as you can.

But it is inevitable that sometimes you won’t.
And those times are incredibly important.