Om nama shivaya

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ॐ नमः शिवाय


Na- lower abdomen
Ma- stomach

shi - chest
va- throat
ya - centroid of head

Eyes are the thuvara balaga of the temple.

Head is the prime of eight span of the body

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எண் சான் உடம்புக்கு சிரசே பிரதானம்

In 8 span of body head is the prime.

In head the eyes are the windows to the soul


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In this chapter we shall see what is meant by MeiPorul (True Wealth or True Thing).
“Whatever a thing is and whatever is its state, wisdom is to see the True thing in it”


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திருவடி ஞானம் சிவமாக்கு விக்குந்
திருவடி ஞானம் சிவலோகஞ சேர்க்குந்

Magic vs. Magick

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Magic = the entertainment known for pulling rabbits out of hats.

How to do Penance?

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How to do Penance?
How to do Meditation or Penance?

Our Own Human-ness is the Doorway to Peace & Oneness

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"I talked to my Dad today. He has Alzheimer's
and had to go into full time care and he is upset.

Knowing my Dad is upset makes me unhappy.
I don’t want him to suffer.

As Emptiness Fell Into It's Own Embrace....

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And words tumble over each other....
In drunken disarray.....

No lily could touch the beauty.....
Of those ungilded eyes.....

Even as she lay broken.....
In the gutter......

Divine Bliss

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Don't we awaken selectively,
Different for me unique for you
Because culture separates us
By infinite attitudes we display?

With age a body looses charm
The mind plays with knowledge

True gateway to soul

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Gateway to soul